“Pretty much everything useful I ever learned about Unix shells was not from reading books or manuals, but by peering over someone’s shoulder and seeing something I’d never seen before. ‘Ooooh, what was that you just did?’” —Joe Walnes

Command Line TV is your opportunity to ‘peer over the shoulders’ of a master and apprentice. We maintain indexed transcripts of each video, to help you find what you need. If you find Command Line TV helpful, don’t keep it to yourself — leave us a positive review on iTunes, on YouTube, or wherever you found us. Sharing is caring!

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Christopher League is a computer science professor at LIU Brooklyn. He is interested in programming languages and computing education. He started using Unixes in 1991 with DEC Ultrix and SunOS, and first tried GNU/Linux back when it was distributed on a pile of floppy disks. His current technology preferences include Arch Linux, Zsh, Emacs, and Xmonad.

Christian Lopes is a computer science undergraduate at LIU Brooklyn. He was a Navy cryptologist until 2013 and is pursuing a career in programming and computer systems. His technical path originated with Windows and basic Linux/Unix with a "jack-of-all-trades" approach and is interested in becoming adept in many other areas of the computer science world.

“[Unix is] a horrible system, except that all the others are even worse.” —Donald A. Norman